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How slow are they?

I returned a new left ergo (well it was hardly used) to Ribble at the beginning of July expecting a replacement, but they've gone and sent it off to get repaired, and there's still no sign of it coming back.

At the time I never thought anything of them sending it away to get repaired, thinking that it wouldn't hurt to be without for a couple of weeks, but it's been well over six weeks now, and it's getting annoying.

Anyone dealt with the service centre before?
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    Ah - Probably something to do with everything being recentralised in Italy for the UK.
    I recently tried to get an ergoservice on mine, but was strongly recommended to buy new ones instead!
  • I don't think the service centre has been up and running all that long so hopefully they're just tryin to find their feet and get settled.

  • Not much help to you now reddragon but I have used Mercianin the past. I sent off an Ergo Lever to get a new spring fixed and had it back on the bike within 48 hours....

    ...but having read your post, I guess you had to send it back to Ribble as that is where you purchased it from.
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    Campagsarge - what did they charge you for that? I was quoted in the region of 30 quid from my LBS for the "full" ergoservice - which I think is just the springs (and poss the ratchet and pawl).
  • Going back some years now OnTow but I think it was in the region of £20. Give them a call on 01332 752468 and they will let you know. The guy that did all the Ergo work back when I had mine repaired was called Jeff. Very friendly.

    I will PM you.