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Group ride near Sopley and Ringwood

Andyb10Andyb10 Posts: 126
I was out on one of my normal Sunday rides yesterday on the road country road between Ringwood and Sopley and saw big chain gang going out in opposite direction. As we were going in opposite directions I didn't have a chance to ask where they were off to. Time would be about 10.00 ish.

Just wondering who they were if it was an organised club ride or something, and if so might it be possible to join in occasionally if it is a regular outing?


  • tpktpk Posts: 28
    Did you ever find out who the group were you past near Sopley and Ringwood? This is one of my routes and I don’t often see other cyclists, although I mainly ride during the week. Bournemouth Arrows do some rides around this area but mainly TTs from what I can make out.
  • Yeah - I would be interested too. As you can see from my profile - I'm out in Verwood and need to get into some groups out there to get my fitness up.

    The local clubs are all Time trial first and runs as an afterthought and I was hoping for a grop that is a lot more social and has more rides to join in with.

    Perhaps we should do a Bikeradar meet up and see if it goes from there.

    The New Forest is great for training, but out on your own can still be exposed. To the north there are even more routes aroudn the place to go.
  • Andyb10Andyb10 Posts: 126
    No never did find out.

    I live in Poole and go out towards Ringwood/Christchurch maybe a couple of times a month at weekends.

    Also go out round Wareham/Corfe/Wool as well depending on which way the wind is blowing. (Always try and make the return trip downwind!!)
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