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Rocky Mountain Frame Break

BarrianBarrian Posts: 4
edited August 2008 in MTB general
Anyone got any experience of dealing with Rocky Mountain frame breaks, especially if not the 'orignal owner'?

Picked up an '05 ETS-X50 off ebay a couple of months ago, really lovely condition, and have since been using for the commute to work while building some basic fitness, etc (not even taken off-road yet :oops:) - on my way in this morning, the frame snapped on the seat tube, right under the weld securing the upper rear suspension pivot. On level paved road/path, luckily just a couple hundred metres from the office, because initially I just though my front derailleur cable had snapped, as the chain was shifted quickly down to the smallest ring.

I've been in contact with my local dealer (Tredz, Cardiff), and am taking the bike in for them to have a look. They've offered/agreed to contact RM throught the importer (silverfish?), but as I'm not the original owner/purchaser, don't seem to have any hope.

Anyone been lucky? If I had £1,500 waiting to be spent, I'd almost be happy to have an excuse for picking up a new frame, but needless to say the wife isn't impressed (especially after fitting a set of Juicy Carbons, SRAM X-9 and a few other bits and bobs), and I'm supposed to be doing the 55 mile Taff Trail (fundraiser for the Ty Hafan Childrens Hospice) in less than 3 weeks!
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