Turning a compact into triple question

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If a bike has a Dura Ace compact and I want a triple for a mountain ride, how easy / costly would this be please?

Could an LBS just add an extra front ring or is it a whole new groupset?


  • nick hanson
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    It would require a new chainset,front sti lever and probably a new front mech.
    I've just come back from the Dolomites,and I Equiped the bike with a 34 front and a 26 back.The wife had a 29 back,allied to her 34 front,and you can get up the side of our house on that sort of gear! :shock:
    so many cols,so little time!
  • jellikins
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    how much am i looking at then? less than £100?
  • jellikins wrote:
    how much am i looking at then? less than £100?

    um no even if you went for lowly stuff, new shifters + chainring and front derailer is going to be pricey, could easly hit a few hundred. and with only a small redution in gearing, about a gear shift down at most, a more cost effective way is possibly a new lower range cassette at the back.
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    jellikins wrote:
    If a bike has a Dura Ace compact

    Where'd you get the 2009 DA groupset from?
    I like bikes...