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Boardman v Wiggins

amt27amt27 Posts: 320
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Why didn't Boardman carry on do the pursuit in a few other olympics, instead of the switching to the time trial?

Wiggins is probably going to get Gold in 3+ olympic pursuits. Is that because Wiggins has better funding?


  • richaricha Posts: 1,634
    3+ :?:

    He's only just got his 2nd. Who knows who will be on the scene in 4/8 years time.

    Guess Boardman decided to focus on the ITT in Atlanta where he got Bronze (behind Indurain).
  • mandiemandie Posts: 218
    In 1992 there wasnt a lot of funding available via the lottery. Boardmans only way of making a bit of cash was to turn pro on the road. At the time in 1996 his and his teams objectives were essentially winning the prolougr of the TdF. Time off for specific pursuit traing did not enter int the equation. Hence the ITT.
    Move on 12 years and there is quite a lot of money available, and if as as suspect is the case the BCF via lottery funding is paying a fair percentage of the salaries of some of the riders probably a higher percenatage in the case of Bradley Wiggins and Geriant Thomas than in the case of Mark Cavendish, then if the BCF want them for three months prior to the Olympics to train specifically to ride 4km in less than 4 minutes then they get them.

    Its all down to money really..
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