Nappy rash cream instead of Assos Chamois Cream?



  • bombdogs
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    Look, if it works for me and makes my ride more confry, then i am going to do it no matter what. Anyway, not using any products doesn't make you hard - we all bloody wear lycra don't forget!!!!
  • lesz42
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    Campy King wrote:
    Savlon works well too..

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  • hucking_fell
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    Anyone tried Udderly Smooth chamois cream?
    Read somewhere that it's quite good.
    Originally developed for cows udders when being milked by machine!

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  • don key
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    Scrumple wrote:
    When applying the assos gunk...
    Where exactly does one rub it (as a newbie about to have some delivered).

    I'm being serious! Is it just the skin between the hole and the sack? There is just no easy way of saying this!

    no one has answered how long a pot lasts, or how much should be applied?

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