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I have recently let myself go alot... i used to be extremely fit and play alot of sports...

however during the "summer holidays" i have been partying amost none stop, eating junk etc etc.

and found myself appear alot "fatter" than i would like to be.

I have also taken my dads old what i believe to be a "hybrid" bike out on the road a couple of times.

I've loved it, i've only managed to do about a "6mile" ride everyday, and one "7mile" ride.
since i've began

however I am going to get into some kind of routine now.

Tomorrow i will be cycling around 17-18 miles to a friends house and back.

And within the next month i will be purchasing a road bike.

I was wondering if anyone could advice me on basic eating ideas + other exercise / weights, to help become better at cycling/being able to cycle further/faster, and to help me appear less fat and to help build more muscle..

Thanks for your help, I'll let you know how i find the ride tomorrow.


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    You don't get that 'unfit' over summer holidays....

    Cycling is harder than you might imagine

    Keep at it, and build it up, and keep'll get there. If you need a rest day then fine.

    Gym fit, isn't the same as cycling fit - there are huge demands upon the cardio vascular system...if you aren't used to it it will take some time...but it will happen.
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    If you want to build muscle then get to a gym. Chris Hoy builds muscle to cycle fast he doesn't cycle fast to build muscle. Ask them for a training regime that will help with cycling. I would try and build up all round leg strength so that it increases your pedalling power and reduce the stress through the knees.

    Weighting training itself will increase your metabolism which will burn off body fat. Cycling burns calories the two will compliment each other well and you will soon be trim again.

    At your age and unless you're training for London 2012 don't get hung up with a specific diet - just cut out stuff with empty calories such as white bread and beer. You may wish to increase your protein intake a bit through chicken and tuna fish etc.

    Oh and don't forget to drink plenty of water.

    There is some useful stuff on this site about nutrition and a quick Google will give you loads of information on getting fit.
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  • xGriffin.
    Each to their own, but what I have found useful for general fitness and cycling - away from the bike, are sit-ups (crunches), yoga and leg strenthening exercises. Basically place a ball between your knees, with your back against a wall and your legs at 90 degrees. Hold this for 20 seconds, then push yourself up against the wall 20 times. As you get stronger, so this 3 times. Stronger stomach muscles will help you on your bike as your power comes from your core, and yoga will not only help your posture but is also a fat burner in that in stretching your kind of pummeling the fat from the inside.

    What I have found useful on the bike are intervals. 20 seconds of cycling really hard, and repeating this as many times before getting knackered. Then build this up to 30 seconds, and reducing the recovery time. I found this to be a great way of increasing my average -without the need to double the time I spent on the bike.

    Food, rice, pasta, not chips. And I would be fitter if I cut out alchohol. You don't have to be a monk.

    And cycling is not harder than you imagine. It gets easier. I started out 5 years ago and felt chuffed (and knackered) the first time I went over 10 miles, this year I did the Etape.
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    Firstly, just keep riding your bike! go out 5 or 6 days a week, keep a log of how many miles you do and how long you ride for etc, on a spreadsheet or a pen and paper or anything. If you haven't got a bike computer, get one when you buy a road bike. Keep this up until you get your new bike, then come on here and ask about a training plan.

    If you want to build muscle, ignore yoga, the only way is through lifting weights. Sign up to a gym, or get a weights bench in your garage. It will take a long time and a lot of dedication, but it is well worth it.