TNT Express cycle to work scheme???

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Hi i'm looking for some advice, I am at the moment trying to get my employer TNT Express, to take on the cycle to work scheme. Now my question is, and all input on this subject would be greatfully recieved, over the course of this w/end I want to put together an email which will be distributed throughout the uk depots, and I want to give TNT employees an option to sign up like a petition, showing their interest in the scheme, but I want to give them a paper option and an online option, the paper route has obvious drawbacks ie relying on someone to action it, awareness, returning the results etc etc etc.
I would like a 1 or 2 page site explaning the scheme and somewhere for TNT Express employees only to register their interest in the scheme, I do have access to web hosting in fact I have a couple of sites running and have considerd sticking a couple of pages on one of them but I do not possess the knowledge, is there anybody who knows if there is a (free) site out there or one that could be adjusted to suit ????

I would run it for three months and then hand TNT the results.




  • :lol: Hi I have found a web site I can use where I can set up a private group for the TNT Express cycle to work scheme.