Cube Streamer, some advice please on frame size.

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Hi All,
I've been looking at the Cube Streamer Bike, i'm not sure which size frame i would need though. I'm 5' 8" tall with a 32" inside leg. If it's any help i have an old Raleigh Road Bike, which is about 18 years old(hasn't been ridden for 12 years :-0) the Raleigh has a 23" frame and when standing over the bike there is very little clearance. The Raleigh is obviously too big, but with the saddle lowered right down i can touch the ground and ride the bike ok. I would be glad of some advice. Thanks.


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    Hi, I have just bought a 56cm Cube Streamer and I am 5ft 71/2, inside leg of 29" and it fit's perfect. I was told a 56 is a medium, like a 54 in other brands. I have used it a couple of times but I can tell you it is very fast and a really good, solid performer. It loves the hill's, the ultegra gears are super smooth, the brakes are solid.....I like it a lot....I would say buy one if the price is right....If you live near Darlington visit Iron Horse Cyclery for excellent knowledge & customer service.
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    Going solely off the geometry tables.

    It's between the 53cm and the 56cm for your height. I'd get the 53cm as I prefer a short top tube/longer stem and shorter headtube, I'm the same height as you. However the 56cm may fit you aswell. Only you can really decide.
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