Front Child Seats

prestonbob Posts: 6
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Hi - I'm interested in getting a front child bicycle seat for my 6 month old lad - has anyone got any comments about how this type of seat compares with the rear fitting ones?


  • Hi bob
    You'd be better off asking or searching on the Family and Kids section of this forum, but for what it's worth do a google for Leco child seat, they're great & much better than a rear seat imo, probably not suitable for your lad for another year or so tho' as it's basically just a saddle, I guess you'll need some kind of seat. They are definitley available tho.
  • Hi Bob,
    I'm from the Preston area too and my little un is 5 months old. For her sister we used a weeride and we still have it although I would guess 5/6 months is a little young she should be able to use it soon.

    FWIW I think its fantastic and it feels very safe riding with my arms around them.