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Buying/selling suspension forks

drewscottdrewscott Posts: 34
edited August 2008 in MTB buying advice
Hi, I'm new 2 MTB and have a some SR Suntour XCT forks and don't think they're that good so my mate is offering his old marzo DJ3's for £60 and i'm pretty sure that's cheap (is it) and was wondering how much i should sell my forks for?
thanks to all who reply :wink:


  • joejoejoejoe Posts: 130
    just put it on ebay and see what you get. I'd imagine £20 ish. your mates deal sounds good!
  • SikoraSikora Posts: 519
    I agree with joejoe - stick them eBay. They're not really a fork that someone would buy as an aftermarket item, but you never know on eBay.
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