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holdsworth zephyr, now built

peejay78peejay78 Posts: 3,378
edited August 2008 in Road general
As some of you know i had the bob jackson stolen by neanderthalis bristolis as a welcome to the southwest. the next day my holdsworth finally arrived back from the enamellers. for those interested, this is what it looks like built up (at the moment).

So: holdsworth path, brooks b17, stratalite 1950s seatpost, GB girder stem, nitto bars, GB brake hood, DA 1973 brake (going to change it as soon as i find something more appropriate), Mavic Modulo 27" rims, back cheap hub, front airlite (laced to rigida, gonna swap it out for thee other mavic), new pista record chainset, campag pedals.

i'm going to make a few subtle changes, a set of matching wingnuts for one, gradually make it more consistent, but keep modern drivetrain, best of both worlds i guess, with a real 'path' look to it,





(apologies for crossposting in lfgss, just really excited)


  • bagpusscpbagpusscp Posts: 2,907
    Pure Class
  • LysanderLysander Posts: 349
    Thats beautiful peejay. I use to have a Holdsworth Triath Elan which I loved; Holdsworths always ride so beautifully. Unfortunatley a car went stright into mine and it became a lump of twisted metal.
    Went into Condor last week and ordered their Classico road bike so that should re capture some of the memories of the Holdsworth.
  • NervexProfNervexProf Posts: 4,202
    Peejay - a magnificent restoration..who did the enamelling by the way?

    Another question, I note the rear path ends are, as was common then stamped out to take 'chain tugs' - is it your intention to fit them..they are still available I believe.

    Enjoy your wonderful work of art.
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  • peejay78peejay78 Posts: 3,378
    not decided on tugs yet, but certainly an option - thanks for the tip.

    enamelling done by colourtech, they have done a lovely job, took forever though, like, three months. he was going to boxline it but couldn't really do it. i may yet see if argos can do it, the original had lots of intricate detailing.

    thanks for the comments too. i am pleased as punch with this frame, how it's come out, how it looks, and the fact that the mix of parts, both old and new, seem to hang together just right.
  • Aidy40Aidy40 Posts: 178
    Very nice job, looking forwrd to seeing out on one of our rides>
    Aidan Searle
  • DickieDickie Posts: 1,489
    I love the colour, the parts mix is good too.
  • Beautiful. Just Beautiful. I love that old school/new school mix :D
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