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Creakings, clickings, tickings, clankings and knockings.



  • Irri_TantIrri_Tant Posts: 195
    Irri_Tant wrote:

    Have now re-greased the seat post which was a little gritty so will report back.
    All sorted :D

    21 miler and groaning form the bike
  • europairseuropairs Posts: 3
    willhub wrote:
    From the front of my bike, wheels, carbon forks, handlebars??? I dont know where, there is a weird clicking/creeking noise that happens mostly when I am off the saddle and put any pressure on and rag my bike side to side, this has only just cropped up and it happened even when on the saddle and on some like bumpy bit of road.
    remove your front wheel quick release and aplly a tiny amount of grease to the front drop outs in and out try that and your noise will go for good
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 8,552
    Nearly two years ago so I'm guessing Will sorted it out. Although it is now, unfortunately, rather a moot point.

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  • BunnehBunneh Posts: 1,329
    Problem I'm having is 'something' is creaking badly around the drive chain. I took the bike into my lbs and had them look at it, the mechanic stripped down the rear wheel and regreased the hub and freewheel, including bearings and tightened whatever they felt needed tightening. I tried it again and it was still creaking heavily. They thought it was the bottom bracket and I have shelled out for a new one - the creaking is still heavily evident.

    I've checked every bolt, every area I can grease/tighten or both. I am now officially at a loss. The creeking happens whenever any sort of pressure is p[ut on the drive chain. They did suggest it was the chain that was worn but I can't see that somehow.

    It's a Scott Speedster S20, bought around 6 months ago and has about 1200m on the 'clock'. Any suggestions woyuld be appreciated.

  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    Bunneh, how about QRs? Try tightening them up a bit. They will be loaded up when you're rocking the bike going up hills for example. You could also take a look at your chainring bolts.

    Chains do sometimes creak when they're dry though. I've experienced it myself.
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  • BunnehBunneh Posts: 1,329
    Thanks for the reply :) Checked the chainring bolts, they're fine. The Quick releases are fine too :( If I leave the bike against a wall, use my hand to push down either crank arm there's a really audiable creaking. I'm beginning to think the hub's knackered or the freewheel's got some problem. I've lubed the chain up but still that noise. I did record it on my mobile, with a video but I can't get the sound to play correctly.
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    Maybe it's pedal bearings? What happens if you apply lateral load to the ends of the crank arms without touching the pedals?
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  • BunnehBunneh Posts: 1,329
    It creaks :) That was one of the things I thought of, the bearings in the pedals; I press down on the crank arm and still get the same noise. It's very hard to pin down the location but I'm pretty sure it's the cassette area. I need to test it with another wheel, if the creaking stops them I know it's the wheel! Now all I need is someone near by with a road bike wheel I can nab for 10 minutes!
  • BunnehBunneh Posts: 1,329
    I'm beginning to think it's the spokes. I had a spoke replaced some months back after it snapped mid-ride. The noise is somewhat 'spokey' so I'm going to look into that.
  • sounds like the seat post or saddle to me, take to pieces lube up and re-build! takes about ten min, so worth a go
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  • BunnehBunneh Posts: 1,329
    I'm not sat on the bike :) I wish it was the seatpost/saddle though :(
  • BunnehBunneh Posts: 1,329
    Took it out for a spin this afternoon and it actually felt a little different. I got back, eventually, and flipped the bike over onto its saddle/bars - span the cranks and again the same sodding noise! It doesn't do when I move 'backwards' but as soon as pressure for moving the backwheel is applied it creaks again.

    It's getting dragged to the shop again tomorrow.
  • front " area " has developed a click and creak when under load or rough surface .bike 6 months old , bearings look ok and no play in headset . If I lift the bike onto its back wheel and slowly turn the bars all the way to left or right , there is an audible click towards the very end of the turn . Its not the cables or sleeves . ...

    any advice taken as I dont have time to get it in LBS now and im doing the Spud Riley on Sunday and do NOT fancy the front end of my bike disintegrating on me going up or down hills !!

    update ....hopefully this makes sense..

    if you look down the steerer tube , the " click " happens at what would be the 1 and 11 o'clock position and no other .... am i right in thinking the race or bearing is stuffed ?

    I've got a click that's pretty much exactly the same as this description, did you ever find out what it was?
  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    Bunneh? Any luck. I have exactly the same issue. I know it's NOT the pedals as I've just changed them and it was present before and after. If it IS the QR's then I need new ones as I've lubed, cleaned, lubed again etc. I am at an utter loss. Every time I think I've sorted it it comes back.
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  • BunnehBunneh Posts: 1,329
    Yes it's sorted. The back wheel was stripped right down, and then rebuilt (hub/cassette etc), the creeking's gone! I suspect it was a loose part somewhere in the cassette area. Seems they couldn't find anything actually wrong but when everything was put back together the creeking had gone so I am guessing it was a clean up that sorted it.
  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    Sounds exactly what is wrong with mine. It's definitely drive train related.

    Rather oddly I splashed some water on the back of the cassette and it went away. A few miles later it returned (assume the water lubricated then dried out). Deffo not seat post.

    And deffo not skewers as I've invested in new ones.

    So taking it in tomorrow to a Mavic dealer.
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  • I have developed a loud noise on fast descents it seems to be coming from the rear wheel,when i look down the chain has gone slack.Has soon as i start peddling again
    it stops,any ideas?
  • Hi folks. Glad i found this thread. I've got an 08 Giant FCR that i use as a winter bike. It's developed what is almost certainly a creaky seatpost. It creaks like crazy when i'm pedalling in the saddle, and goes away when i stand up.

    My FCR has a shim in the top of the seat tube that reduces the diameter of it to allow a 27.2mm post in. Everything was fine until the creaking first started around spring this year. I took the post out, noticed the shim for the first time, took that out and found it was covered in dirt and grit from the riding i did over the winter.

    Problem is, i've stripped, cleaned and re-greased the post/shim/top of seat tube three times since then, each time using a different type of grease and it still won't stop. It's driving me nuts, and i'll be using it lots soon cos it's about time to hang up my decent road bike for the year.

    Any ideas?

  • it's probably more likely to be the seat itself than the post iwould have thought?
  • WickersWickers Posts: 17
    Rear wheel. After a long ride is noisy when free spinning, but it's fine (or not noticable) when pedalling - the next morning I try it again in the garage and it's fine. It's only about 600 miles in so I'm assuming it's not the hub, it's a 105 and I'm reliably informed that they are bullet proof - though it was in a torrential downpour for about 6 hours the other week, and I've only noticed it last weekend. I've just been doing some Googling and there are one or two threads on the skewers being noisy - I've never ever had a problem with one, but could it be that?

    It seems odd that it's only after a ride, it is very noticable. I really don't fancy taking the hub apart as my skills don't stretch that far, and from what I've read Shimano don't really encourage it anyway. It's still under warranty, but it has to go back to Halfords, as even though it isn't one of their bikes, I got it through the C2W scheme, and it's all done via Halfords - I've had problems with them before and I really don't want them messing about with my bike.

    Anything I need to check re the skewer? Is it possible to lube the hub without taking it apart? Anything I else I might check? (You must take into account my incredible ham fistedness when advising...)

    Apologies if this has come up before, I had a quick browse but couldn't see anything.

    Much appreciated.
  • Problem solved! Noisy Giant is no longer noisy. It's a cautionary tale too. I cured it by buying a torque wrench, then snapped the clamp bolt whilst torqueing it up! Turns out at some point during my many rebuilds i must've over-tightened it and think i put a stress point in the bolt.

    When i got my nice shiny new torque wrench i thought i'd see if using the correct torque setting would help, so i undid it, set the wrench to the setting marked on the clamp and it snapped before the wrench clicked. Bought a new bolt today(28pence!), torqued it correctly, did a test ride, creaking has gone! Presto!

    Formerlyknownasbonj; replacing the saddle would've been my next move, had i not cured it this way. Thanks for your reply.


  • amcamc Posts: 315
    Annoying click (or is it a tick tick) from rear mech - maintenance numpty needs help pls.

    Only happens in 5th (out of 9) gears, when chain is perfectly straight, when in both front cogs, only happens when pedalling not freewheeling, when both in and out of saddle. Looked for stiff chain link and coudn't see one. I'm guessing something to do with indexing as next gear down can get a bit sticky sometimes but a little bit of nervous tinkering didn't fix it.

    Any thoughts appreciated,.
  • darren Hdarren H Posts: 122
    You need to re set the indexing

    Put the bike into the small ring 39
    Then put it into the smallest size sprocket or highest gear.

    Slacken off the cable at the rear mech.

    Then turn the pedals and push the rear mech up and down the sprockets. It should go onto the largest sprocket and back down to the smallest sprocket. If not adjust using two screws on the rear mech.
    All they do is stop the chain from going off the sprockets at the top and bottom. They don't do anything else.

    Then put the cable back on and try moving up and down the gear. A slight adjustment on the barrel screw may be needed. You should screw the barrel adjuster all the way before re tightening the cable. This will give you maximum adjustment.

    It can take a while to Sussex it but it's a skill worth learning

    A work stand is a must
    Good luck
  • Hi
    My rear Mavic R-Sys SL wheel is making a strange creaking noise. I can hear it when freewheeling and also when pedaling. Has anyone any idea what this could be ?

  • useful thread this as I have read through and eliminated many things.

    The creak is not present if i turn the crank without being on it (ie when testing gears)or when upside down and testing it. It only sounds when I am on it. I have to be doing 10mph+, its usually while Ipedal but every now and then when I free wheel.

    Things I have checked:
    -Cleats and pedals - lubed - no difference
    -spoke crossover - wd40 and wet lube - no difference
    - cables - all are taught and dry lubed where they enter casings
    - front mech not touching chain or hitting pedal or shoe
    -rear mech - recently tuned by lbs cant be the source
    - cassette, front gears and jockey wheels all about 1000 miles old (no sign of wear)
    -chain due a change but fact it occurs sometimes in free wheelsuggests it isnt the drive mechanism.
    -seat - recently reset after a bikefitting - made no difference

    Its a loud creak, can hear over traffic, its periodic,but not at the same point on the cadence cycle, cant get a reference point on the tyres to see if its the same point in wheel rotation.

    because it doesnt happen when im not on it, i cant exactly go into an LBS and tell them what it is. Any ideas?
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  • Alder93Alder93 Posts: 39
    well i wish i knew about this thread when i first started! :D

    this isnt a one that needs working out, but anyway..
    the rims on my new ultegra 6700 wheels sound like they have something in them.
    just tiny but just enough to make a noise; i cant get them out, its like the rim has a divider to stop it or something.

    is this much of a problem? do i bother with the hassle of sending them back over this?

  • memsley89memsley89 Posts: 247
    Mavic Aksium Race-

    My bikes developed a strange ping-ing sound.
    Kinda sounds like i've got those kiddies spoke things on.
    It's mostly when i'm out of the saddle...
    oddly only at slower speed.
    Any ideas?
  • rlsrls Posts: 44
    My bike recently developed a pinging/creaking noise. It initially seemed to be coming from the right hand crank at a certain position in the stroke, but it then got worse, especially if I stood up on the pedals when going up hill i.e. put a lot more stress through the bottom bracket. I read through these pages for inspiration and then set about checking everything on the bike.

    Initially I found the crank bolts to be slightly loose i.e. still tight, but not as tight as they should be. This made no difference to my particular noise, so I stripped the bike out, checked the bottom bracket and then did the chainrings. 2 of the 5 bolts were nowhere near as tight as the rest and while adjusting them it made the same ping/creak that I'd been hearing. Hey presto, problem fixed and again the loudest noise on the bike is my breathing!

    While I was at it I checked every other bolt on the bike and made sure that all bearings were suitably adjusted. One of the things that I love about pushbikes is that the whole of the above didn't take more than 45 minutes I cleaned the bike as I went using a rag sprayed with WD40 and had a tub of general purpose grease to hand for anything that looked like it needed greasing. I also found a slight buckle in one wheel which was resolved by tightening a single spoke and I also found an aero spoke that had turned and was side on...ooops!
  • pst88pst88 Posts: 632
    Finally managed to get my noisy bike to be quiet. The first problem was an incredibly load creak that started off once every pedal stroke then moved on to twice ever pedal stroke. It was so bad people on the street were staring at me and asking what was wrong with my bike etc. I didn't think it was the bottom bracket as I'd only just replaced that and wondered if it was maybe the chainring bolts (was sceptical though) as other people have mentioned having problems with those. I checked they were all done up tight but made no difference. Took the chainrings off and added grease where the chainring meets the spider but still no improvement. I eventually took the bottom bracket out, covered everything in grease and put it back in making sure to do everything up nice and tight. This solved the problem but then with the loudest creak gone I started to notice another creak. This seemed to be coming from the front of the bike and I thought it might be the spokes creaking so I cleaned all the spokes and lubed the point where the spokes cross over but this made no difference. I then thought it might be the headset so I had the fork out, cleaned everything, checked the bearings, regreased and reassembled... still made a noise. I could've sworn the noise was coming from the front of the bike but realised it stopped when I was out of the saddle... maybe it wasn't coming from the front after all. Took the saddle off and cleaned the rails and saddle clamp, greased everything up and put it back together, then took the seat post out, cleaned and greased clamp and post and put it back together. Finally the noise has stopped.
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  • Just installed an Ultegra 6700 groupset on my new frame. Looks absolutely fantastic and rides better than the Dura Ace 7800 on my other bike. Coming home from the first ride I noticed that there was a rattle coming from the RH shifter. Took it off to check and could feel and hear a rattle apparently coming from the central drum that winds the gear cable. I found a hex socket more or less lined up with the axis of the drum and gave it a bit of a tighten - seems to have made it worse.

    Anyone else got this problem? Anyone know what the hex socket is for?
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