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Here is a copy of an email which i have sent to Hafords customer services. My boardman has only done 9 miles. I am posting this to advise any boardman riders
of this issue. As you can see im new though at the age of 33 i take my saftey very seriously as one should.

"I have just purchased a Boardman Hybrid Urban Comp. I have had 3 punctures on my front wheel so far and had them fixed by a local reputable bike shop. Each time the tyre was flat within an hour. I must stress the bike was not rode after each repair on all occasions. They pointed out that on the wheel rim underneath the tape there are small holes which have not been "deburred" I seen this last night, there are sharp edges which are puncturing the tyre from the inside. Thankfully this never happened while cornering on a fast decent!!

I am writing to you to advise you of this issue just incase this is a manufacturing fault that Halfords would possibly be liable and somewhere out there there is someone about to end up underneath a bus due to this fault. I'm sure Chris Boardman or any of the Halfords Cycling Team will be achieving high speeds and the result may be severe.

Not a good advert for Halfords, on their "flagship" bike.

I have contacted Ayr branch of Halfords and I am taking the bike in on Saturday.

Having spent £450 (through the cycle to work scheme) I feel disappointed that I cant actually "cycle to work"

I hope to hear a reply from you on this matter and hope to hear this is a one off fault."


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    I have to admit I bought a bike, not the boardman but one of halfords own Carrera Fury MTB and had exactly the same problem and more. Not only did i have the misfortune to blow out on my way to work through burrs in the rim, (half way through a 16 mile trip) but also I had to take it back several times over the first few months for problems with the crank coming loose. I am now buying the boardman Comp road bike again through the cycle2work scheme but will be taking special care to de-burr the rims before i take the trip to work and even take it to a reptuible cycle shop to have an independant safety check. would advise anyone buying from halfords to do the same.
  • Im Taking the bike back on Saturday for them to deburr and check the rear whee/ tyre for the same issue ... and my left pedal is also loose!!

    My local bike shop is full of halfords bikes to repair or maintain as a common fault is the way the spokes are facing is often incorrect so they loosen and need adjusting every 6 weeks or so!!!?