Can we have a Bobsleighing section?

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Please? It's sort of relevant, in so much as I, a mountain biker, want there to be a BikeRadar Bobsleigh team! :D



  • nicklouse
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    i could make the bob-sleighing post a sticky if you like.

    But that is it.

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  • Anonymous
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    Do you want in on the action, Nick? after all, you do live in a winter wonderland (don't ruin my stereotypical preconception of Sweden again!) :lol:
  • batch78
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    Wow what a coincidence, I've just volunteered for a bobsleigh team and so back this motion! :lol::lol:
  • That wouldn't be the first voluntry post I'd think of!

    Are there quite a few teams short a team member or 2?

    But bobseighing is so cool I have to support the idea of it being on BR