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To cut a long story short I dislocated my knee a year ago coming off some north shore and after an op to repair my ACL 6 months ago I am now getting back to full fitness.

This said, I don't want to take the freeride risks at the moment. The op saw a third of my kneecap removed so until that is fully healed a reasonable impact could snap it in two which would require another op.

On that basis I want to switch on of my bikes. I have an uprated Kona Colier DeeLux and a slightly uprated Kona Dawg. I intend to keep the Dawgy for 'extreme XC' trails or whatever they are called these days.

I would like to swap the Coiler for something like a racy XC bike, something good enough to go single tracking on but light enough for serious climbs and the odd 30 mile charity road ride.

However, I am also considering a hybrid. I don't think I am built for a full on road bike but want something as light, just a little more relaxed position and comfy.

I have seen the Marin Lucas Valley which looks like a reasonably prospect. Am I barking up the right tree?