Bikeradar globalisation.

robbarker Posts: 1,367
It is apparent that Future is trying to push Bikeradar further round the world and gain advertising audience in new regions.

Can I sound a note of warning please?

One of the biggest selling points of this site is quality of the user-generated content of these forums. You know this because, apart from anything else, you make a point of it in your current job ad on BikeBiz.

The reason that the forums are worth reading is because contributors are predominently UK based. Have a look at other special-interest forums with predominently US based subscribers if you don't believe me.

I worry that what is curently an interesting place to be will slowly become infiltrated by louidmouthed bozos. If that happens, the users contributing quality content will inevitably fall away.

Please assure us that you will work to maintain the current quality of contribution and, if the worse should happen and Bikeradar forums spiral down the pan of mediocrity, you reinstate our much-lover Cycling Plus forum outside of Bikeradar.

Thank you.