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EdocsilEdocsil Posts: 15
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Hi I've been riding now for about 6 months now quite seriously. I'm 14 and I ride a Shougun Gatecrasher 200. About my Shougun, it cost £250, its a hard tail with a good front fork, Shamino tourney 21 speed, Shamino front disc brake and rear V-brake. For this christmas I am getting a GT Aggressor Elite from my local Halfords shop, the reason for this is the Shougun of mine is just not good enough for me. The GT Aggressor Elite costs £850 and is another hard tail. The GT Aggressor Elite has Hydrolic Disc brakes and 27 speed Sram X-7 and X-9 and has a Rock-Shok as its fork with 85-135mm of travel. I do riding in any weather and all terrain and just looking to pick up on some tips. Post here if you have any comments about bikes for me what riding I should do as I am eager to learn.


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    i think you will notice a huge difference in performance with the new bike when it comes, im sure you will have a blast on it.

    the brakes will be amazing in comparison and 27 gears will make a huge difference to all round riding. be aware, good bikes require more sericing and looking after but its worth it as the bike will last you forever.

    have a look round the site and you will see loads of satisfied gt owners.
  • EdocsilEdocsil Posts: 15
    Well my Dad is buying the bike I am saving up now so when it comes nearer the time to get my bike, I will buy a load of new mantience tools and devices, what tools I am using at the moment are whats lying around in my garage. When I go riding I ride with my friend who rides on a Apollo which cost £140 and is full suspension and everthing else is the same as my current Shougun. I've recommend to him to get a new bike maybe from Carreras bottom range, but he dosen't have the support from his parents like I do from my Dad. Any tips on what he can do?
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    its just a case of saving up im afraid, money goes alot further if he can pick up a bargain from ebay perhaps.

    that said, if he is having fun and the bike is surviving, he will be fine.
  • EdocsilEdocsil Posts: 15
    I feel we can both be better riders that is why I am getting a new bike as I feel my bike is holding my back from doing the next level up as I don't think the bike can handle it. This is the same problem with my friend, I will pass the message on to him to have a look on Ebay to see if there is a bargin. Thanks for the advice.
  • GibboGTGibboGT Posts: 287
    Edocsil wrote:
    For this christmas I am getting a GT Aggressor Elite from my local Halfords shop.
    Its only august :lol:

    Pressumably this?

    Looks good. I have the GT avalanche expert, same frame by the looks of it, although aggressors are usually last season I think? dunno if the changed the expert frame at all?

    Its a nice bike, you get an upgrade in forks over the expert (Revelations over tora's). I love the U-turn versatility! The rest of the spec is comparable.

    Halfords state that the elite comes with LX / XT gearing? You said SRAM?

    The expert is LX / X-9, v. similar, just depends on personal preference really.

    Great bike! I'm sure you will love it!
  • EdocsilEdocsil Posts: 15
    If you enlarge the pic you can soom and pan and it says Sram on the Mech, I think with the frame it might be that the Aggressor has a Triple Aluminium frame, I've never rode a good bike like this so I can't say much about it but I love the specs so I hope it is going to be an amazing bike.
  • GibboGTGibboGT Posts: 287
    edited August 2008
    Can't see the sram on the mech, but i'll take your word for it.

    Gt bikes have a triple trianlge aluminium frame, ie they use a frame design with that noticeable triangle just below the seat at the back of the frame.

    Over the standard aggressors / avalanches the expert frame is lighter, but stronger, it has noticeable reinforcements joining to the head tube that you can see in the photo.
  • EdocsilEdocsil Posts: 15
    In my local Halfords shop they have it up on display but it says different specs there to the internet page and in the shop it has a sram mech as well. Like I've said I don't know alot about the GTs but I like the look of there bikes and I see they have a high rating by Bike Radar so I'm going to give it a try.
  • GibboGTGibboGT Posts: 287
    I'm sure you will be more than happy with it! :D

    I am with mine, which i'm sure would benefit from the fork upgrade. :lol:

    Good choice :wink:
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