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Overweight New Roadie,Looking for indoor training Advice pls

johnboy9876johnboy9876 Posts: 5
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I'm new to road cycling and after a nasty ski accident am just trying to return to some kind of fitness. It would be great to have a simple set up at home that i could jump on and get something done as the weather has been so rubbish recently and the roads around here pretty treacherous. thinking of either a turbo or rollers(bit scared of falling off these though!). i live in a 1st floor flat, so noise is a consideration.
Could I have some suggestions please


  • Thanks Alex.

    Has anyone else used this brand. Does anyone know of any UK stockists??
  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    i use a cycleops fluid2 trainer which I like - it is very quite and quite "realistic" .

    it doesn't have a variable resistance control - which some people don't like as you can't wack the resistance up to simultat hill climbs - but the resistance does go up as you go faster and manages to simulate 'real road' riding pretty well I think.
  • Hi for the noise issue get a skyliner for the front wheel and also i used to stick a camping mat down,really helps dampen the noise down.
  • fizzfizz Posts: 483
    gkerr4 wrote:
    i use a cycleops fluid2 trainer which I like - it is very quite and quite "realistic".

    I've got one of these and I used it alot when I wanted to start getting fit again. Its quiet and its easy to use. Its not as good as riding on the road in terms of calorie burn and workout etc etc, but it does feel road like when cycling.

    IMHO its ideal to get started with, but you might find it boring. But you can alleviate that if you put a DVD on or sit in front of the TV whilst you are pedalling.
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