Can i increase my tyre width on a 700c x25 rim?

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Hi guys, just signed up... im in a bit of a quandry as i am a keen Mtb'er but i have just bought a commuting bike as i didnt want to run my full-suss eveyday to work.

One obvious observation is that the wheel/tyres combo onmy commute bike are essentially road/race bike width and i was wondering if i could increase the tyre width to 35 or larger to give a more compliant ride? Obviously the frame and fork clearance will need to be checked first, but is it possible to run a wider tyre on this rim and if so do i need to get a corresponding tube?

Hope someone can help, many thanks - Chris

P.S the bike in question is a Iron Horse Transit 1.0 Disc
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Iron Horse Transit 1.0


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    shouldn't be a problem with the rim. The limitation will be the frame clearances. Most 25 tubes will fill a 28 tyre, any bigger & you might need a larger tube
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    Well, the 2 limiting factors are the clearance provided by the fork / seat stays, and the width of the rim. I'm not sure of the exact width of the rim (I assume the 700x25c refers to the size of the tyres currently fitted) but it looks standard road (15mm internal). If this is the case, you could certainly go up to 32c, and 35c will probably be fine too, but I wouldn't go any bigger than that.

    If you measure the interior width of your rim you should be able to find a more accurate answer using the chart towards the bottom of this page: (it's the green and red one!).
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  • thanks guys for the quick responses :D
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