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Had ours about 3 months now.A lot of hard hard work to start with .It had been un used for 10 years.Brambles like you have never seen.Now harvesting various veg and salads and alot of blackberries.Anyone else got one.


  • I'm surprised that it had been unused for 10years i've heard of waiting lists to get on some recently.
    Also seen some on t.v. reporting theft of the veggies.
    You'll need to get a doberman guard dog if your a good gardener :)
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    wev'e been on the waiting list for one for a year now.
    it looks a bit steep to me.....
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    I have one, missed most of the start of the growing season, but getting lots of runner beans, carrots, peas, potatoes and corgettes at the mo.

    Alot of mine is covered in weeds, though that is due to lack of time on my behalf.
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    The land has just been sold to the local council ,it was owned by a developer.The bit were the allotment are, had to be set aside for community use :o Hence a lot of plots stood un used for a long time.All the plots have now gone in a matter of weeks .A new committee started :roll: .Great fun all in all.
    Ps. Have the guard dog sorted. ... 598492072/
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    You know, I'm sure allotments are going to take off what with our problems with food at the moment. It seems the logical thing to do doesn't it. We might even have a Dig For Victory thing going on where everyones back gardens get dug up for veg. Wonder if people will regret gravelling over the top of them off the back of the DIY style tv progs.
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    yes, I have one overlooking Edinburgh. It's great to be in the capital city, cycle to it and bring home veg. Hard work clearing it at the start though; I felt like a pioneer in the new world. It all gets easier, esp if you plant fruit trees - more time for cycling
  • So what are you going to be growing then? Yeah think the mutt will do as a deterrent for any local ned who wants to avail themselves of your award winning veggies.
    Good luck with it.
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    I gave mine up about a year ago due to lack of time, but believe me, it is worth the effort you put in. In the two years I had it, bearing in mind, 70% of it was covered in weeds, garbage and broken glass when I got it, I pulled some of the best tasting food out of it that I have ever known.
    Root vegetables covered in mud (remember when they used to be like that in the shops), tomatoes that actually tasted fresh and sweet, not just water. Turnips, cucumbers, peppers, chillies, potatoes, carrots, peas, cabbage, strawberries, radish, lettuce.
    If I had the time, I would jump at it again.
  • jjojjas wrote:
    wev'e been on the waiting list for one for a year now.
    ditto, we have created some space by digging up part of the back lawn
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    So far Mrs B and I have planted: radishes ,strawberries, black currants rocket,parsnips,carrots,blackberries.
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    Grow better vegetables and improve your Italian at the same time .................

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  • weve got 2 poles which is a small one though its practically massive, pEAS BEANS COURGETTES STRAWBERRYS LEEKS good fun and the stuff does take more concentrated.

    Carrots are funny shapes but taste like concentrated carrot ace
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    Respect to all you folks who find time to ride and manage an allotment :shock:

    We used to have one back in Gloucester (easy digging and no kids). V time poor at the moment though I have enough space to have a big veggie patch and a polytunnel in the garden now, which won't garner much sympathy with city dwellers I know. Going to give blueberries a try this year out front where our soil is a bit more acid. I'm sure C+ recently said they were the latest thing :roll:
  • I've got two allotments which I spend a great deal of time on, love it. When I chose my last commuting bike, I had to write the spec to include the allotment. Nothing beats two full panniers full of veggies, though I do get the odd look with leeks and carrots poking out!
    We need a bigger boat.

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  • we got a trailer to drag stuff to and from the allotment, ive convinced the missus that attaching it to a carbon seatpost is a recipe for disaster, so it gets attached to hers :) good for her anyway.
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    During last months snow and ice,it got hard going...... :idea:
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    I grow a lot of berries, herbs & lettuce as I reckon it saves more money than spuds & other veg. - for us anyway.
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    fresh beetroot is awsome. different league to the stuff in jars.
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    Mary-jane ?