Chain line issue on a Vigorelli

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I have a chain line issue.

23" Bob Jackson Vigorelli with Formula hubs paired up with the Stronglight Track chain set.

The chain set can't physically move in board anymore (it needs to come in about 1mm) or it will hit the chain stay I have a rizzla thin clearance. I don't like the noise the drive train makes my old Carlton is dead straight and dead silent.

What could I do to achieve a perfectly straight chain line?

My only thoughts are that a 42mm is harder to achieve that a 44mm and life would be easier if 44mm was the new standard. I read that a Phil Wood fixed hub has a 44mm chain line.


  • ajb2
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    Goldtecs would also be an option if you do decide to go down the new hub road. Think they've a 45mm chainline
  • GaryGkn
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    Further out sound the way to go!