Condor flat bar bikes - Any good?

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Anyone seen any reviews or have experience of the Condor Strada and Bivio flat bar bikes? Can't seem to see any reviews on line which is unusual.

Tryng to buy a bike with the halfords cycle2work voucher and Condor have a thing on their website saying they accept the Hlafords voucher. Was actually intending to buy a Rideback flight T3 or a Genesis Day 03 but Halfords can't get hold of them from the manufacturer anymore and Ridgeback say their 2009 range won't be announced till October!!

Wondering therefore if the Condor bike are worth the extra money.

Any help much appreciated.


  • Clever Pun
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    They will size you up and allow you to make any changes you want to the bike, services is good and well informed

    I don't know enough about the other bikes to make a comparison, but I buy my bikes from there.

    If it's not a direct otp bike then there will be a wait time to get it built

    I would if I were you.
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    Not as good as their drop bar bikes :D

    Ok ok so I don't like flatbars...

    Sure they're decent tho, you seldom hear complaints about Condor bikes.