Shimano MT51 Cycling Shoes - should women buy these?

Jayne Morgan
Jayne Morgan Posts: 4
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I have small (size 4) but wide feet would anyone recommend me buying these even though they are men's or is there a womens wider foot version :?:


  • lovewales
    lovewales Posts: 411
    Mens are usually wider than ladies especially around the heel. I have a pair of ladies M121 and these are fine with thin socks and I have ridicolously wide feet, the straps don't go as far over as I would like to though (but they were cheap). They are small fitting though on the length I bought 41's but they are a bit short hence the thin socks, I think all Shimano shoes are my daughter only has size 1 feet but wears a 36 which is labelled as a UK4.
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