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Taking a Tubular off

kettkett Posts: 56
edited August 2008 in Workshop
Replaced a tub at the weekend for the first time, and really struggled getting the old one off. I have Tufo extreme tape on the rims and it took half a hour and 2 large blisters and bleeding thumb nails to get them off. Any tips of getting them off easily? I was told not to resort to using 'tools' to get them off. I ended up trying to roll the tub off and it eventually worked.



  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,601
    Maybe the extreme tape really is EXTREME. I use the regular tape and it takes a bit
    of work to get them off but nothing like you have described.

    Dennis Noward
  • pliptrotpliptrot Posts: 582
    I use one of those flat tyre levers to get things going - and for all the rest of it. I read in some book or other that you should leave one section between spokes as the point for removal. I never have, and as the trend now is to offer wheels with fewer spokes I definitely won't be trying this.
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