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Spesh SX Trail advice

Mad40Mad40 Posts: 11
edited August 2008 in MTB buying advice
Hi, I am looking for a new bike. At the moment I have an 03/04 enduro expert but want something newer with a bit better hit.
One of the bikes I am looking at is the Spesh SX Trail but I am getting mixed reviews about it capability of riding up hills.
Has anyone here got one as the only Spesh bike shop in Belfast don't have any to try.
I supose I am looking for something that descends like a bomb that I can also ride back up the hill, within reason.
Any other sugestions would be welcomed


  • SDK2007SDK2007 Posts: 782
    The SX Trail is a Freeride bike and thus it's quite heavy, around 35lbs+ and the geometry angles are slack for the downhill/jump aspect. Clearly it's going to be hard pedalling up hills.

    Have you looked at the Enduro SL, it fits nicely between the SX Trail and Stumpjumper FSR. Weighs less than 30lbs with 6" of plush travel.

    The Trek Remedy also looks good as does the Canondale Moto, although slightly more expensive.

    How much travel does your current Enduro have?
  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    my enduro, see linky, is very simialr to the sx trail. apart form having an inch less rear travel, 6 instead of 7, and it weighs 34lbs.

    not the lightest but still climbs ok. spent a week riding it round wales recently and was keeping up with some guy on an epic, so climbing isnt really that bad. plus left him behind on the decents. If you're that worried about the weight, you could always change out the coil shoicks for air. expensive but would shave a load of weight!
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  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    What sort of budget do you have? The marin attack trail has 140mm or rear travel, u-turn pikes on the front it climbs and descends pretty well (assuming you have good tyres on it) and is tough as nails.

    Other options would be an orange 5AM or the trek mentioned above. Also, if you fancy something a bit different a lapierre or possibly a SC heckler.
  • SDK2007SDK2007 Posts: 782
    I forgot about Lapierre; the Spicy looks very nice.
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    gotta love the hockey stick chainstays...
  • grumstagrumsta Posts: 994
    I tried my mate's SX trail and it was pretty hard work on the climbs - it was doable but felt pretty inefficient.
  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
    Can I throw the Specialized Pitch into the mix, Pikes UP front, Fox on teh back, good mix of kit, 31lbs, can loose weight from that too, tough as nails, climbs weel, descends brilliantly erm I've said it all I think
  • grumstagrumsta Posts: 994
    Yeah I am very happy with my Pitch
  • Mad40Mad40 Posts: 11
    Cheers guys, some good suggestions there. I have a budget of around the 2K mark. Someone mentioned the Marin there, I must admit that I have tried both the attack trail and wolfridge 08 and was super impressed with its suspension given it is only 140mm, feels a lot more in the back end.
    Guess I just want to make sure before I commit myself. Think the SX looks amazing but don't really want to be pushing it everywhere thats why I thought I would ask.
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