aero / triathlon bars

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evening all

Just thinking of putting some aero / triathlon bars on my Focus Cayo, but don't like the idea of not being near the brakes.

Are there any that have some sort of brake tie in on them?




  • k-dog
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    It's possible - not generally necessary though. The times when you'll be wanting to use the aero bars aren't times you should have to brake - so if you're descending or going through traffic or on a technical course your hands should be near the brakes.

    There are a few ways to do it though.

    ParkTool have a way of doing it - - looks expensive though.

    Looks the same as this one -

    You can also get just brake splitters that would allow you to use a regular aero lever in the end of the bars.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
  • Yeti575
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    As k-dog says, but like me you if you are trying them out for the first time I wouldn't get into the situation where you are on the aero's and need to brake!!
    If it's not a Yeti, it's not worth riding!
  • Infamous
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    Do you avoid using the tops because there are no brakes there?

    Tribars are amazing. It might take you a couple of weeks to get fully comfortable on them, but once you do, you will be fine. If you need to brake you can just sit up.
  • Neilth
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    "Do you avoid using the tops because there are no brakes there? "

    no - i generally dont like riding on the tops, prefer the lower positions or with my hands on the top of the brakes. But even on the top of the bars, i;m only a few inches at most away from brakes, from the looks of things, the aero bars pull the hands well away from the brakes and the body in a more difficult position to reach them,

    Thanks for the advice, will try a set out and see how I get on with them before going the parktool route

  • Infamous
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    You're not that far away from the brakes, after a couple of weeks I could change gear with one hand while the other is on the bars. I've never had to brake on them, if there are tight turns or uphills, you get up on the hoods.
  • JC.152
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    You could try shorter TT bars to start off with so that your hands are never too far from your gears and brakes like the Triathlolon ones

    or the good old Spinaci's