Trek 1.7 Triple '08

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Bought one today from LBS.

Haven't got to get out and ride too much today, having come back home from the shop quite late, but is a brilliant bike for the price range I think.

Will post a review after riding it for a while.

Although i haven't wrote any posts on here asking whether it was a good bike or not, i read a lot of old posts regarding the Trek, and just wanted to say thanks guys, I think i made a great decision to buy this.


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    I just ordered a compact one - should have it on Tuesday or Wednesday. They had to get me one from a different branch as the one on display had a big scratch on it - which it didn't have when I looked a couple of weeks ago. It looked like a chain mark but on the top tube - I think someone dropped another bike onto it when they were taking them off the display stand.

    I'm really looking forward to it. They definitely seem to be nice bikes.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
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    I rode it into work just now,
    And i can definetly say, you will love it, I do!
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    I have a 1.7 Compact, and I love it, good bike with a good level of kit, for a reasonable price.
  • i've got a 1.7 triple too. i love it.
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  • I've just picked my triple up tonight. Very impressed so far.

    Does anyone know how heavy they are? Only when I set my Garmin Edge 305 up for use with this bike it wants to know the weight. I tried the Trek website? :?

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    I think it is about 18.5lbs - but that's probably for the 54cm or something - I was told that in a shop that had actually weighed one to find out as Trek don't publish weights anywhere.

    I seem to remember that it's about 1lb heavier than the Madone 4.5.

    There's a review here - ... 5-08-27747 - of the 1.5 which says it is 9.36kg in the 62cm size - which is 20.5 lbs.

    I would imagine a normal sized one with the higher spec of the 1.7 would be a couple of pounds lighter.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.