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Having now bought my new mountain bike i am looking for a set a guards, well a rear at least, i had a SKS xtra-dry 3 on my previous bike, that was cheap and did a very good job, does anyone have any recommendations for the front or rear?



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    If you can get your hands on the non-racepac version then imo Crud Catcher just can't be beaten, but and this is just my opinion the racepac Crud is too narrow for anything much wider than a 1.9 tyre. So i'm currently using cycraguard front and back and am very impressed
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  • I agree, definately the strongest and don`t move around when fitted.
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    I've got both the racepac (running on my hardtail 2.1 Maxxis Ignitor) and normal Crudguard (running on my full suss, 2.1 High Roller) and both work well and stay put. Took the rear guard off the hardtail after common opion on here suggested mudguards were a bit, erm, festive. Put it back on after one ride, mudgaurads may be a little festive but IMHO not nearly as bad as that freshly streaked backside look.

    Avoid the quick release type rear guards, one of my neighbours has one and it spins around like a windmill. The Crud ones do up with two hex bolts, not exactly difficult.
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    I use TopPeak Defenders FX (Front) and RX (Rear). The rear one is a quick release, but as long as you do the tightening screw up, it doesn't flap about at all and stops pretty much all the mud.

    The FX is ok, although you do have to be really careful that you have the guards connected to the quick release correctly (I spent about 45 minutes retracing my path trying to find part of it because it wasnt fitted correctly). Also, the rear part of the front guard does have a habbit of getting knocked off if you start to get violent. A bit of duck tape fixes that though :D

    I also have built myself a front mech mud guard out of a bit of an old ice cream carton attached to the frame and gear cables which is so darn useful to stop mech jams in heavy mud :)
  • Defender RX = Good. FX=BAD!!! I promise it will fall apart!. Mud guards are for pussies anyway. Embrace the dirt! :D