Focus Variado or Variado Expert??

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Does anyone have any experience with these bikes? I've been debating over which one to buy over the past few days now. The Variado is £615 and the Variado Expert is £810. My question is.... am I really going to notice the difference between the 105 and the Ultegra components? And is it worth the £200 price difference???



  • bendertherobot
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    Tricky one. The Expert has Ultegra ICE which is nice looking kit. Works a tad better but not so you'd notice. Slightly better wheels. But not much else. Less than a kilo weight difference.

    The price differential used to be much closer. £100 I recall. So it was an easier choice.

    Are you desperate? Because in about 1 or 2 months they're going to be very much cheaper!
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  • That's also what I'm worried about! I'm selling my current bike today and naturally don't want a long wait until I'm back riding again. Is there any way of finding out exactly when the 2009 focus bikes come out? I'm guessing the 2008 bikes would instantly become cheaper.
  • oxymoron
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    I was gonna buy the variado this week, but am gonna wait to see if price drop more over september/October.

    ATM they seem to have alot of stock so wanna wait and see if price drops another 10-20%.
  • Marko1962
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    I have the Variado expert and cannot fault it but there again I am a newbie and can't really compare it to anything else because all I have to compare it to is a 10 Yr old steel Graham Weigh. The only thing I have changed is the saddle other than that I'm very happy with it...
  • sawarze
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    I have had my Variado 08 for 2 months and very pleased with the service from Wiggle and the overall quality of the bike and components. The price has since dropped and this is now an even better bargain. I opted for the Variado after looking at all the reviews/recommendations that I could find and deciding that Focus seem to offer a good value specification. I am also new to road bikes and couldn't justify the extra for the Expert or the well reviewed Cayo. The only issue I had was the saddle and I have changed the saddle to a Brooks Comp Pro which is extremely comfortable despite the need to break it in.
    I would also take a look at the Cube bikes, similar components, also German made and good value for money too.
    Likewise Ribble, I struggled with their website though - doh...
    Whatever you choose you won't be disappointed.

    With regards to sizing, I am 5ft 9' and inside leg 30", I e-mailed Wiggle who advised a 54cm (M) frame - perfect fit. :D
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    Just got my expert on Tuesday.

    Brilliant bike and spec for the price and is a very nice looking bike if I say so myself. Just need this rain to stop!!!!
  • il_principe
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    I have an 06 Expert and it has been utterly superb. I think the Ultegra is worth it to be honest, and a kilo is a fair bit of heft to lose...