Painting Spokes

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No but when i was a kid i stuck a card on the forkleg with a clothespeg :lol:


  • :lol:

    So can i ask the point of painting a go faster spoke?

    Is it just cosmetic or is there another reason?
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    It's done by the manufacturers - don't bother doing it mate, it will look sh*t!
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  • The place to probably ask is over in race they might have an idea, i've never seen it not even on the tour bikes that i noticed.

    Could be a way of identifing your wheels if you get a puncture and have to change a wheel or the go faster stripe :lol: .If so i would imagine if they are steel spokes that a trip to halfords and a tin of spray paint and masking tape would do it.

    Either that or they are built onto the wheel ??
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    I thinkthe red spoke comes on a few Mavic wheelsets and is simply cosmetic. From memory it signifies some sort of anniversary within the Mavic range. May be totally wrong though!
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  • Sorry, but WTF
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    Mavic used it in the Ksyrium ES with a red spoke to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Helium wheelset. In terms of painting spokes - unless you propoerly mask the spokes and get the paint even you maight make a decent pair of wheels look pretty awful. Likewise, it will be tricky to get the paint to stick to the spokes - it'll scratch off easily.
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    Seen soloured, small diameter heat shrink tubing on t'internet. That might be easier than painting and easier to change with fashion fads.
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    You should paint each one a different colour, bound to go faster then :wink:
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    I have a set of Fulcrum Racing 5's that are on the whole blacked spoked except for the two either side of the valve which are stainless steel in colour. I bought a red touch up paint kit for cars, the brush on type, and painted the stainless steel spokes in this. Came out really well and look so much better, have been asked how come they're red by other fulcrum wheel owners and even they've said they look so much better. :D