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Where do most of live?

Stumpjumper25Stumpjumper25 Posts: 156
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I live in Leeds and just wondered if there are other people from this area?.


  • Yeti575Yeti575 Posts: 291
    Skipton, but just bought house over the border in Barrowford as Lancashire is dirt cheap :lol:
    If it's not a Yeti, it's not worth riding!
  • Yeti575Yeti575 Posts: 291
    Oooops, just noticed I'm in the wrong forum. Sorry ladies!
    If it's not a Yeti, it's not worth riding!
  • sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
    I live in Blackburn, cause someone has to lol :lol:
  • Mrs ToastMrs Toast Posts: 636
    I live in Leamington, the dullest, flattest place in the world for mountain biking. If anyone knows of any secret singletrack, let me know....

    I normally drive up to my homeland (which is rather conveniently next to Cannock Chase) with my husband in tow every weekend, so we do most of our biking there.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Do any of you live in Sheffield lol ;-)
  • In beautiful Scotland - less than an hour from Glentress!! :D
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Ah it's nice living on the doorstep of your favourite spot. I can see the start of Wharny from my house ;-). Less than 2 miles!
  • Yep - Glentress feels like home as it is where I started biking. So when I do myself some damage &/or need to boost my confidence again, that is where I head to! :lol:

    Been doing too much road work recently for adventure races, so back "home" tomorrow to get back on singletrack again. Yippee! :D
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    What I don't like is the 150m climb straight out my door to the trail head! But feel lazy driving up, ha!
  • Should hope you feel lazy too!!!! I have no idea how steep it is tho......

    I really quite like the hill from the Hub up to the Buzzards Nest car park. They have built more singletrack this year, so a bit less is now fire road too. Good for fitness!
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I don't mind them half way through, but its a big slog to start! Good on way back, can easily top 40mph on the descent.
  • Mrs ToastMrs Toast Posts: 636
    Mr Toast and I are actually considering moving to Sheffield - there's jobs in our industry there, it's halfway between my family and his family, and you don't have to drive for over an hour for decent biking! Not to mention that I think the living costs are a bit lower than where we are at the moment...

    And we went to Glentress on our honeymoon, which triggered fantasies of moving to Scotland. Doing that climb several times over 5 days justified the cakeage afterwards!
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Sheffield is fantastic at the minute, the city is under going major regeneration, lots of jobs and openings and looks fantastic. Add to that the diverse nature of the terrain not just in the city, but outside it, and Europes greenest and most wooded city, and you can see why UK riders voted it the best place to live. And it's bloody steep!
  • I'm lucky living in Leeds as there are few good local trails from my doorstep. I'm not to far from most places, i've been riding more around the Dales , Hope to get and do more North York Moors. Off to Somerset in 2 weeks looking forward to hitting the trails down there.
  • lynseyflynseyf Posts: 47
    In beautiful Scotland - less than an hour from Glentress!! :D

  • gkf9gkf9 Posts: 176
    Yeti575 wrote:
    Skipton, but just bought house over the border in Barrowford as Lancashire is dirt cheap :lol:

    I used to live next door to Nelson...Could'nt afford Barrowford at the time
    so bought in Halye living in Chorley...Still now and then go in the White Bear at Barrowford, good pub on a Fri night!!
  • Scotland is one place i've not got to get, keep saying i'll go up there but never do.
  • Hey ladies

    I'm new to this cycling lark and have recently been given an 'entry level' mountain bike and a turbo trainer, but can't work out how to attach one to the other to commence my new fitness regime.

    I live near Leeds, so if anyone can recommend a shop I could get advice from either it would be much appreciated.

  • What part of near Leeds are you?,
  • I'm near Morley (near Ikea)
  • Not sure about that side of Leeds, but i'd try here.
  • AMcDAMcD Posts: 236
    lynseyf wrote:
    In beautiful Scotland - less than an hour from Glentress!! :D


    Snap again, just over the Forth in Fife :D .
  • 1340jas1340jas Posts: 217
    Just outside Newport in South Wales.
    Got a real good ride, about 8 miles to Cwmcarn. Loads of great hills and woods around here.
    We ride Cwmcarn each week and we feel really sorry for all of you who have a couple of hours drive to get here. Its made all the more embaresing by the censored visitor centre the council put in. We only have to ride back over the mountains for a shower and a roast dinner.
  • Tara911Tara911 Posts: 136
    Just outside Stockport...
    The futures bright....

    The future is PINK
  • London. Great for culture, cr*p for mountain biking. :roll:
  • I live about 30 minutes from Glentress and 20 minutes from Innerleithen.
    Great location. :)
  • Liverpool..........yeah like thats great for mountain biking, NOT so I tend to travel to Wales and the Lakes :wink:
  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    You should seriously have a look at nipping the other side of Manchester to thee Peak district, some of Englands (if not Britains) finest mountain biking territory.
    My Pics !

    Whadda ya mean I dont believe in god?
    I talk to him everyday....
  • Lucy1Lucy1 Posts: 4
    Well, I live in Somerset (the boring flat bit!) I've very recently returned to cycling after a long brake. I've had no luck with finding a partner or a group to link up with around these parts. I take off on my own, but it's not quite the same as having someone to chat to, and can't really have half a pint on my own! My partner has no time for this great activity, and my friends would rather slog away at the gym twice a week........... not for me.

    There appears to be more formal and informal clubs from the Midlands up. But, a relocation is out of the question! :lol:
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