How to wreck my new bike?

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I am going into Condor on Saturday to spec out my new ride... however as it will have to live on the mean streets of London I am going to need to wreck it up so no one gives it a second glance.
The obvious way is to get a big pot of brown hammerite and go crazy all over the frame... however I don't think I am mentally capable of such abuse! I have a crazy plan with clingfilm and duct tape to cover the frame up, but I am not sure it will work as I imagine!

Maybe self bonding electriacl tape would cover it up and look scrappy? ... ct_id=1960

What steps have you taken to make your bike less thief friendly, and mean you can leave it out of your sight for more than 2 seconds without total paranoia?

It is one of the joys of a Brompton.. I never carry a lock so I always have the thing with me (or locked in the office)


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    Love it :D
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    why not just get an old shagger then? and get a good un for home?
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    I only have room for none bikes... so one is a stretch! and if I have one it is going to be a good one!

    I don't mind if it LOOKS like an old shagger, but I guess I want it to be reversible!
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    put helicopter tape on first then trash carefully. The helicopter tape will protect the frame and paintwork, (it comes off easily with a little heat when needed) and will accept whatever damage you want to put on the top of it.
  • wrapping innertube rubber around the tubes of the frame is a good way of disguising your bike and also protecting the paintwork when you lock it up. It seems to be an approach favoured by couriers, etc. and has the advantage of being quickly undoable when you want to be blinged up again...
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    I'm not sure there's much you can do to protect a genuinely good ride from the pro thieves. Spend some serious money on a serious lock and cable combo (kryptonite are good). Insure it, park carefully and hope. Seems a shame to mess up your new ride really.
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    Do what the couriers do - get some of that foam insulation tube and slip that over the tubes. Then gaffertape over them. Looks really tatty and sh1t, but you can easily cut it off when the time comes.
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    leccy tape (like in the OP), various colours, on my good 'un and it hasn't been nicked.

    Coincidence or cause & effect, i dunno but it's worked so far

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    ....don't waste your money on a new bike if your are going to mess it up. jeeez.

    Enjoy the bike as it is and ride one will nick it - unless you leave in a vulnerable location without security.

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    That helicopter tape looks interesting

    Thanks for your feedback :)

    Speced the bike up today! Cannot wait for it :D