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Back pedal chain suck?????

mik75mik75 Posts: 149
edited August 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
When I turn the pedals in a backwards motion (as in back pedalling) I seem to get chain suck were the cassette seems to stick and then spring into life. This is usually if the bike has been stood, not while riding.
Its usually OK after its done it once but if I try again some minutes later it does it again. The cassette, chain, bb and rings are relatively new so I'm unsure where the problem could be. Is it the hub/freewheel (Hope Pro 2)?? Is there anything else I should consider? Help appreciated.
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  • gs3gs3 Posts: 249
    Check that the jockey wheels are spinning freely or that there is no "stiff-link" in the chain
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    and the derraileur gets sucked forward as you backpedal?

    freehub games, check the seal is properly located at the base of the freehub in the hub body. Possibly remove and re-grease. I'd also lube the jockey wheels and check for stiff links.
  • mik75mik75 Posts: 149
    Thanks guys. Forgot to mention that the jockey wheels were also new (relatively) as all the drivetrain was replaced a couple of months back.

    Yep, derraileur does get sucked forward also.

    In order to check and re-grease freehub do I need to take the cassette off to do this ride_whenever?
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  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    you do really, all you need is a chainwhip and a cassette lockring tool.

    Remove cassette (lockring comes undone in the direction that casette spins freely)
    pull out silver end cap (can be very stiff due to rubber o-ring seal)
    pull freehub off hub (be careful the springs and pawls dont fly off (this shouldn't happen but 'could')
    regrease and reassemble ensuring the green seal is tucked right into the hub.
  • mik75mik75 Posts: 149
    Cheers! Although I need to purchase tools first.
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  • Mik

    I have Hope Pro 2 hubs front and rear. Had the same problem as you with the chain sticking when back peddling. Turned out to be the main bearings. East as to refit but shouldn't really have gone inside the year like that. Put it down to my new hose adaption which I have started using to clean the bikes with blasting water inside.

    If yours have gone in a short space of time, check your washing technique and avoid jet wash, power spray or as it turns out for me a relatively fine mist.

    Back to the bucket and sponge for me :(
  • mik75mik75 Posts: 149
    Hmmmm, interesting Dr Tinkle. My bike is now 15 months old and it has started to stick when backpedalling which could mean the bearings are on their way out. Although it usually does it once and then this frees it up for a while. If that makes sense.

    I usually use a garden hose to 'spray' the bike down first before using a bucket and sponge. Found this yesterday.....
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  • To be honest I'd get stuck in. If it is the bearings which is what it sounds like, they are going to go sooner rather than later which on the trails is rather terminal.

    I'm lucky that I have a really good relationship with my local bike shop and he just wizzed the old ones out and the new ones in, 10 min job, no charge.

    He gave my a right panning as well when i told him I'd started using a hose pipe. Said it served me right and thoroughly expected my bottom bracket to fall out as well.

    Its like the wife all over again...
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