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Finding balance twixt weightloss and increasing stamina

lost-timelost-time Posts: 549
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I've lost a fair bit of weight over the last 2+ years. No problem there. What I am finding now though is that I'd like to trim down the last hard-to-shift stone. I know that the last bit of weight is usually the hardest to shift. I'm quite prepared to put in the extra hard work to shift this excess weight. The trouble I'm having is that I find that I'm running out of energy fairly quickly...I'm ok for a couple of shortish hacks but then can suddenly bonk on the next ride, even with a day or two rest. I think I may have to eat a little more but I'm not really sure how much extra I should be eating. I do eat quite healthily now. In fact I always had done, it was really not riding and large portion sizes that lead to my weightgain. Do I try to add a little more to what I'm eating by reintroducing slightly larger portion sizes? Shall I do this only on the days I'm riding or spread it out over the week? I had about 6 weeks off the bike recently and found my stamina had gone quite a bit so I'm still looking to gain strength/stamina AND lose the weight....
Anyone else had a similar experience to me?


  • Noel PTNoel PT Posts: 627
    Loosing the weight is going to get a bit harder the fitter you get as your body becomes more efficient with calories, it will be able to do the same amount of work and use less fuel. So you may need to change up the training and start doing interval work or a little weight training.

    You should also take into consideration thats its also important to eat at the right times. For exampe, you shoud eat a low GI meal (slow burning) meal that will release energy slowly about 2 hours before you train. And then have a high GI carb with little protein and no fat immediately after training to replenish glycogen stores. Then have a decent meal with carbs and protein etc. a little later on to help with muscle repair and growth.

    I hope this helps mate, but to be honest, everyone is different so mix it up and see how you feel.

    Good luck
  • BodhbhBodhbh Posts: 117
    A couple of times this year, I've built up the miles from a 20miles 2 or 3 times a week or so base to doing long (for me!) 60+ mile runs. First time I was dieting, with an approx 1000 cal/day deficit, second time I was overeating and putting on weight (ie enjoyng the summer). I found it was much much easier to build up the miles while I wasn't dieting, and ironically am have much more stamina on the bike now despite carrying an extra 10 or 12 kg.

    I know with bodybuilders they use bulk up and cutting cycles, gaining muscle mass while they have calorie excess as the muscle comes easier then, they cutting the excess fat after. Dunno if this also applies to a degree with aerobic activities like cycling?

    Perhaps get fit on the bike without worrying about diet first then worry about gettign rid of that stone afterwards when you can pound out the miles and burn calories much easier anyhow?
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