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avid juicy 5

edited August 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
ive just replaced the pads on my bike they are avid juicy 5. now ive put my wheels back on the wheels wont rotate without the disc scraping. how do i get them to run freely


  • maximus69maximus69 Posts: 347
    hello, try resetting calliper. sram website shows you how< its dead slacken off the bolts(2) that fixes calliper to mount then spin the wheel. pull the brake lever till it just stops. whilst holding the brake lever do the bolts back up. i always end up doing by eye though. or you might have to take the wheel off and force the pads back with blunt object of sorts. that's what i had to do on my 3s.
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  • lost-timelost-time Posts: 549
    Better still with the old pads in place force the pistons back in with a plastic tyre lever or as its the old ones a metal scredriver before you put in the new pads in. And adjust as necessary as Maximus said.
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