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Cycle Ops Mag Turbo

hotheadhothead Posts: 123
edited August 2008 in Road beginners
Just bought one of these, set it up, read instructions. So how the hell do you set the resistance? :oops:

Is it just a case of putting the unit nearer the tyre?

It bangs on about a 5 resistance setting system? What and where the hell is this/



  • tonyw43tonyw43 Posts: 249
    On the resistance unit at the back. Looking at the trainer from the rear, there is a knob on the right hand side, opposite side to the flywheel(circled red below). This adjusts the resistance. Turn it one notch at a time 'till you get a big clunk, that is highest resistance, each subsequent turn drops it a level.
    Additionally you can get a cable adjuster for it from evans and the like for about 25 quid, which resolves this, and allows you to adjust on the fly.
    Hope this helps.
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