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Getting confused on these, as different shops have different ideas... There seems to be so much choice.
I am about to get a Planet X SL Road Carbon. The gears will be Ultegra. I'd like something to best "go" with my set up.

I'm after a computer that will be wire free, and will give distance, time etc.

I'm also confused over the Shimano flight deck thing, where you can get a system that tells you your current gear too.

Basically, what is the best computer for my set up, to maximise ALL the info I can get?

Then, what is the best VALUE computer for my set up, to give me just the basic time/speed/distance parameters?

I'll then decide on the cost spread as to which of the two I will go for!!!


  • Sun Dodger
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    Money no object = Garmin Edge.

    Value for money = Take a trip to Halfords and see what they have.....
  • Nuggs
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    Value for money = Cateye Strada Wireless
  • MIsterGoof
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    good choice of bike, sounds same set up as mine

    I like VDO computers attatch to either stem or bars, wired or wireless, easy to operate and read

    although if money no object get a Garmin Edge
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    i have the same bike, on it i have a garmin edge 205 which im upgrading in a few weeks to a 705. They are sexual, if as others have said money is no object. Otherwise i highly recommend the Blackburn Delphi 4.0 which is wireless speed but wired cadence (which you dont need to use).

    I will have two of these (used) for sale in a few weeks if you would like. One will only have done a maximum of 500 miles.
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    If you've plenty of £ to spend, then you may find Garmin's Edge models will give you everything you need. However if you want to keep the costs down to around £30, then I really recommend Cateye's computers. I've a few models in use, Cordless 7, Micro Wireless and Astrale 8. The new Strada models are very good, large screen and easy to fit and use.

  • do a search on cateye strada wireless on the road gear forum, i found a great bargain grabbing one for £29, its brill, has 2 trip distances, av speed, max speed, odo, time riding etc.... its also really small and easy to use (you just click the screen) and can be mounted on your bars or vertically on the stem
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    Another recommendation for the Cateye Strada Wireless. Great wee thing! 8)
  • I've gone for the Cateye Cadence. I love it! :D

    Notice no one's mentioned Cateye V2/3. The V3 is the one with a heart rate monitor as well I believe. :wink:
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  • Try Aldi they may have some left. I've just bought an all singing all dancing wireless cycle computer that even has a heart monitor and tells you how many calories etc you've burnt and 3 year warranty cost £12.99. The closet equivilant cost 3 or 4 times as much.
  • felgen
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    I was going to get a Cateye V3 - cadence, heart rate and wireless. Then I wandered into Croydon PC world and happened upon a Garmin Edge 305 with HR for 97 quid (open box) bit of a no-brainer really.

    If anyone else is interested they have a Garmin Edge 205 open box for 49 quid as well.

    Good luck with your search
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    Does anyone know if the open-box Garmins are likely to be found anywhere else? Im severly tempted by a 205 for £49 if I could find one!
  • Scrumple
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    PC world had a job lot for sale at the above price... just what is left now at various stores.

    Can anyone comment on the + or - accuracy these things % wise.

    How accurate are the wireless ones?
    How much better or worse are the sat nav ones?

    I'm tempted by either the Edge 205, or the Cateye Strada. I would be swayed by whatever gave the most accurate speed at any given point, and an accurate final distance. I have a fear the sat nav ones are overcomplicated, and good for final readouts but not for figures as you ride?

    I want to see how fast I am going, and know how far I have been. The rest is just stuff I wont use! Just how does the accuracy and immediacy of the reading compare on these?
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    Don't buy the Lidl or Aldi computers, sure they are cheap, functionally perfect, and reliable. BUT.. say you've just been out to a wine bar and found yourself a likely lady, you share a bottle of Chateau Margaux, she whispers in your ear "I never want this night to end, lets go somewhere quieter." You take her home, the scene is set, the Lionel Richie is playing, the fire is roaring, and things are getting a little heated. She goes out to the kitchen to get herself another glass of wine and she spots the cycle computer box from Lidl, she runs screaming out the front door, crying, not even stopping to put her Manolo Blahnicks back on. You never see her again.