changed signal timings in Islington - inc angel

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i noticed a couple of the signal timings had changed this morning (with no warning signs, but then what can you expect from islington council??)

1) junction between newington green road, st pauls road (??) and essex road, going from newington green towards essex road and upper street:

green light was preceded by green man for all directions - green man is no longer appearing.

2) angel - approach from upper street to turn right up pentonville rd. previously, there were green arrows for left and straight ahead, with the right turn arrow coming on after a delay of about 30 seconds (which meant you either had to sit in the ASA or in the centre of the junction with your ar$e hanging our- good trackstand practice tho). now, all three arrows come on at the same time.

i think both moves are sensible, as you tended to get an awful lot of RLJing at the first junction, and angel is a nightmare anyway. i just wish there'd been some warning, though...
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