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training rollers

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are training rollers any good as i HATE :evil: my turbo. do you know if there is such a thing as a holding stantion type to hold your bikes fron steady when your learning on them? if so where can you get them?

thats all folks

felix's bike

pedal like you stole something!!!


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,600
    No point in anything to hold you up, as you won't learn how to balance if you use something. Just set them up in a doorway, hold the door frame and go. I personally like them, but what's wrong with your turbo?
  • i=oh i just find it to "fake" feeling i really hate it going to sell it soon
    felix's bike

    pedal like you stole something!!!
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,600
    Rollers definitely feel more realistic. The boredom's pretty much as bad though, once you get used to the rollers, as staying up is no problem and you can let your mind wander, up to a point. You'd probably be better off trying some before you sell the turbo, because it might be that you end up hating them just as much.
  • il_principeil_principe Posts: 9,152
    PM me if you are thinking of selling the Turbo. I have rollers which I like but might be interested in taking the Turbo off your hands!
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