Shimano Alfine chainset for fixie? And what wheels??

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Hi All,

I am currently working on my first ever fixie conversion. I have an old (60s or 70s) stell frame with horizontal dropouts and (I think) 130mm hub spacing.

The frame and front brake and wheel are all under control (I hope) but now I'm trying to sort out the most important bits, the chainset and rear wheel. I was thinking of getting a Halo Aerorage double fixed wheel and this chainset: ... -17419.htm

Do you think this would work? Will the 9 speed rind be ok with a 3/32 or 1/8 chain? Will the chainline be vaguely ok??

All advice very welcome!



  • your link doesn't seem to work

    is it this kinda thing? ... -13425.htm

    looks like there's a chain guard either side of the chainring. i WAS going to say that you'll need to have a damn good chainline or the chain will rub the inside chainguard....but thinking about it again, i bet that's rubbish. even if you did have a slightly shonky chainline, there would be enough millimetres between chainring and chainguard to ensure no rubbing by the chain.

    i'd guess a shimano sealed 107mm bb would work with it to get the chainset as close to frame as poss...
  • Simon Notley
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    That's strange, it worked when I posted it. Maybe I bought the last one!

    Anyhow, I have the chainset now, it's similar to the one you posted, but withe s ingle sided chainguard. I ghave installed it with the standard hollowtech 2 BB, which brings it pretty close to the frame. The issue now is that I have no wheels, so have no idea whether the chainline is any good or not!

    I'm pretty confused over the rear axle spacing on my frame, it;s from a 5-speed so sheldon says 120mm, but it measures more like a tight 130mm (and would probably fit my 10-speed wheels in if the cassette didn't foul the frame..) so now I'm not sure that just any old track/fixed wheels will do... hmmm... I'll work it out, this fixie business is more complicated than people make out!

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    it's a steel frame, worst comes to it you can just bend it to fit...
  • surly do a road spaced hub (not track spacing) in flip flop

    Rear, 130mm (road spacing). No disc option:
    Black, 32h, solid, fix/free
    Silver, 32h, solid, fix/free

    the bearings on surly hubs are ever so smooth. smooth as butter...

    or yeah, try squeezing the won't mind too much
  • I have a surly rear hub on my langster, which is 120mm. I think you can space them out to 126mm which is what you may have.
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  • Simon Notley
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    Cheers all, I got some 120mm wheel in the end and just let the frame bend in a little as they tightened. The whole thing has worked better than I imagined it possibly could and I now have my first fixie!

    I'll post some pics some time.

  • Cheers all, I got some 120mm wheel in the end and just let the frame bend in a little as they tightened.
    If the axle is long enough you can just use some washers inside the dropouts to take up the slack and then you won't have to bend the frame at all.