Grass Track Racing

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Does anyone know of any grass track venues in the South East?

Much obliged Gary


  • andyp
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    Cycling Club Hackney have been running events at Wells Street Common in East London. I don't know if they are running any more this summer though.
  • GaryGkn
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    Very much appreciated Andy.
  • Southborough and District CC have doen a few events in the past, but unfortunately not this year.

    Plenty of events in East Anglia, in fact my club (Plomesgate CC) is putting on a meeting this Saturday, 9th August at Bredfield, nr Woodbridge (east of Ipswich).

    Are you coming over to Mildenhall Rally, there is a whole Bank Holiday weekend of grass track racing. I'll be there riding on the Sunday.
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  • GaryGkn
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    I was asking on behalf of a colleague. I am based in the Midlands at the weekends so don't get much opportunity for jaunts out. Although I am interested in both track and grass events and you never know by knowing what is actually going on I might be able to squeeze the odd meet in.