Cannot sign in ?

sicrow Posts: 791
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For the last few days when I have tried to log in to the forum it comes up blank with a small message on the top left (sorry can't remember ) but try whatever I do I cannot get in. Other web pages and browsing are fine and its not an issue here from work

anyone else had similar problems ?


  • yes, me too. Something about a header, but my other computer is fine cos I amlooged in all the time on that one.
  • hugo15
    hugo15 Posts: 1,101
    Had the same problem too. Could get in from work but not from home. Was also very slow.

    Now seems to be back to normal today.
  • M4TTA
    M4TTA Posts: 5
    i was getting the following error alot!:

    Template->loadfile(): No file specified for handle overall_header

    seems to be resolved now (fingers crossed, it did get fixed, then went again, now fixed again). Also couldn't use the search :(