Fat burners and alcohol

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I'm not really sure if this is the place to post this thread but I thought I'd start here..........

I have started using Lipotropic fat burners to supplement my training. Although I have only been using them for a few days (under a week) I did have a bit of a problem on Friday night.....

I went out to celebrate my friend getting a new job and having a a few jars of Fosters (I know this is bad for my training but you have got to have a bit of a slip now and again). Anyway I had 6 pints in all and I was gone - really, really gone. I couldn't walk, I was incoherent and I had a total memory loss :oops: . Whilst I am not a big drinker 6 pints (and especially weak Fosters) is not that much.

During the weekend recovery (yep .......... it took me ALL weekend :( ) I got thinking and the only thing I could think of that caused it was the fat burners. I wasn't tired, I had eaten well and I had only been for a 30 minute recovery ride before going out.

Has anyone else had this problem with fat burners and alcohol? Does anyone know of any ingredient in the fat burners that is likely to have caused this reaction? Just wondering for future reference.


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    I am sorry but why the hell are u taking that rubbish.I am over weight but with a good balanced diet and no beer.And plenty of training i have managed to lose 33Lbs in 9 weeks.With out so called fat burners.
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    doubt it was to do with the fat burners mate - most as based on conjugated linolic acid - pretty natural substance all told - you are justgetting old mate and 6-pints takes its toll thee days!
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    Yup, call me a wimp but these days 6 pints would probably leave me under the table unless I drank them over quite a long period. I'm only 60-65kg though.

    The fact that you think 6 pints isn't much suggests that you're quite used to drinking, so maybe if you've been training you haven't been drinking so much recently and you have lost your tolerance?
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    Maybe it was the gassy, mass-produced p!ss you were drinking? :P

    (runs away and hides :arrow:)

    Three or four times a year I'll go a month without touching drink (perhaps the odd glass of red with Sunday lunch or a pizza) and the first session after a month off my legs fall off.
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    5 pints to much.....
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    ... unless someone slipped something in your drink.
  • I've been drinking 1-2 bottles max (25cl) of beer a day for last 12 months. Had an unplanned post-club training ride session in pub (5 pints bitter). P****d as a F***t and felt extremely rough next day. Body not used to that level of alcohol anymore.
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    :shock: I was kind of hoping it was the pills................. but I think you have all answered my question - I'm now officially a lightweight :oops: (and unfortunately not body mass wise - yet).

    Looks like I'll have to replace the amber nectar with the elixir of life!
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    How much weight are you hoping to lose? In addition to the pills what's the plan to achieve this?
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    Exercise and no drink and a balanced diet is the key to lose weight
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    im aghast that you chose to drink fosters!

    if you want to carry on drinking but lose weight neck some whizz- youll stay up all night dancing and wont feel p1ssed!
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    RIchA - I cannot quantify the weight I want to lose since my aim is to increase lean muscle mass and decrease my body fat percentage - muscle weighs more than fat so I am unsure what the weight loss (or gain) will be - and in all honesty as long as I achieve the look I want I don't mind.

    In addition to the fatburners I am eating a healthy diet and riding 4 times a week - a 30 mile Sunday, 12 mile (recovery) Monday, 15 - 20 mile Wednesday and 15 - 20 mile Friday. I am also going to start a bit of strength training (leg extensions, (light) squats, calf raises etc) once the nights draw in.

    Obviously I plan to increase the mileage and speed as I become fitter.

    I did go through a spell of bodybuilding a few years ago and started taking protein shakes - I never got majorly in to it as I find the gym boring and I was not committed enough. At the gym I learnt a fair bit about supplements and whilst I stopped at the protein, a few 'spotters' were on all sorts of (legal and safe) stuff.

    I see the fatburners as a dietry supplement that I'm hoping will give me a bit of a kick start and only plan to use them for no more than a month or two. Whilst sceptical I thought I'd give them a try and see if they work.

    I have read about some of the stuff athletes take and I think that, in comparison, fat burners are a safe option although they do have a "stigma" about them.

    I do not see them as a quick fix to lose weight and I know that they are not a miracle pill. They are a tool used in the short term to achieve a long term goal and during the time I shall continue to increase mileage, go faster, train harder and enjoy a recreation I have learned to love.

    I appreciate that some may think the users of fatburners are lazy and looking for an easy solution to lose weight - but we shouldn't all be tarred with the same brush.

    I know weight loss is not easy since I lost over 3 stone four years ago following a healthy eating and exercise plan and to date I have managed to keep all but half a stone of that weight off.

    It appears that supplements aren't used as much in the world of cycling as in body building - well not for beginners anyway so maybe I should have put this query to a body building forum?
  • Surely if fatburners were really effective, all the lardy people would have them on prescription from the GP

    I suspect they do very little for you overall in terms of genuinely burning fat, a fraction of what the excercise and not putting on the calories drinking beer do in the first place. #

    I guess the benefit of taking a simple pill to sort out your fat isses is a "placebo" effect. I bet theres little clinical proof that they work that well, and certainly in isolation of diet excercise, not at all. Or there wouldnt be all these fat people about. Indeed, from my position of ingorance, the body does need fat, just not the satruated and trans fatty acids in junk food, but highly unsaturated fats like omega3 and those found in olive oil can be eaten in abundance. Do these fat burners deal with the artery clogging saturateds? I guess not.

    Then there are the "statins" which are being given out willy nilly, by GPs causing many poepl to suffer severe side effects. Yet GPs are handing them out like smarties, and I still dont see the bodymass of the average person shrinking.
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    I think we have strayed off the original subject here - My original query was not if fatburners work but if anyone else had found they reacted badly after a few drinks.

    Whether they work or not is a whole new topic and not one which I'm going to start since I think there would be those that they have worked for and those they haven't worked for. Like a either love or hate - bit like the Shimano V Campag argument ................ :wink:
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    read the instructions for the pills or whatever it was you took.. Does it say "Avoid booze?"
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    reyserf wrote:
    ... unless someone slipped something in your drink.

    Reminds me of a bit of dialogue from an old Sweeney episode;

    Regan (hung over): Someone must've put something in my drinks last night, George.

    Carter: Really? What?

    Regan: Alcohol.


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    Just out of curiosity, how are the fatburners working for you?
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    I think it's a bit too early to tell how they're working (I have only been taking them for 4 days), although I can confirm I have had no noticeable side effects.

    I'll keep you posted though! :)
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    im aghast that you chose to drink fosters!

    Ditto, a great range of excellent beers available, why drink that dogs piss?

    (I'm Australian BTW)
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    Ditto, a great range of excellent beers available, why drink that dogs wee-wee?

    (I'm Australian BTW)

    Because they don't do VB in the watering hole we were in :( and I was not in the mood for Bhundi rum (BTW - I would probaly be six feet under if I had tackled that stuff!) :shock: . Lol