Where are all the winter bikes..?

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I'm looking for a winter bike to keep riding once the 'summer' subsides -something wth mudguard eyes and clearance for guards without going to slack geometry of an audax bike. I've tried race blades but they rattle and fall off.
Other than old faithfull ribble training bike has anyoje any ideas or suggestions?


  • bryan71
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    I have just had the same problem.I would speak to Paul Hewitt at Hewitts in Leyland.He is making one up for me.They do there own frames.And the service is fantastic.Price £450-£500 will get you a great bike.
  • Surosa bikes, Oldham.
  • I have a ridgeback horizon (alu frame carbon fork), also look at the dawes audex sport (steel)
  • morrisje
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    There are a number of nice ones out there. I have a Kinesis TK. Great ride and can take mudguards and rack if wanted. The Racelight T is the cheaper model but still seems good. Still has a 'sporty' feel. Another make is Dolan who make a 'Do it all' bike.
  • redddraggon
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    You want a Winter bike with Race geo? And that can take proper mudguards?

    I think the Ribble winter bike is your best option then.
    I like bikes...