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Clipless pedals and aching calf

Roger_ThisRoger_This Posts: 136
edited August 2008 in Road beginners
Just had my first couple of hours on the road with my new SPDs (never tried clipless before) and I noticed after half an hour an ache in my left calf that stayed there for the duration. My feet looked straight, no twisting, so I was wondering if this is because I had previously ridden with a slight 'toe out' position, and the SPD were straightening me out a bit.

Anything to worry about?


ps didn't fall off :)


  • PhixionPhixion Posts: 81
    Shouldn't you adjust the pedals so your feet lock in in a natural position? Forcing your feet into the pedals in an unnatural position is bad for your knees.
  • _luke_luke Posts: 4
    I have recently switched to SPDs. For initial cleat setup, I put them in the middle of the adjusters and went for a ride. I got really nasty cramp in my calf half way round my regular short circuit. I thought it was just a matter of getting used to things but I was limping for 2 days afterwards. A similar thing happened on the next ride too.

    I've always ridden with my feet too far over the pedals and thought that when clipping in it would be fine to have the spindle right under the ball of my foot. Seems that I was wrong. I've moved the cleats towards the back of my shoes now and it feels so much better. No more calf aches or cramps and I'm really seeing the benefits of being clipped in. I would recommend that you look at where your feet would normally sit without clips and try to replicate that with your cleat position.

    I'm sure an expert will be along soon....this is just my recent experience :)
  • Roger_ThisRoger_This Posts: 136
    Thanks for the responses. Calf ache has gone this morning, replaced by a knee ache in the other leg, although it's already subsiding.

    I suspect that it's because the cleats are holding my feet straighter than my 'normal' cycling position, which is maybe better for me in the long run, but I'll need to be careful.
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