Curved class

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New on the Flickr site. ... oldcycles_

Pete just try to stay calm :wink:


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    i looks wrong, all sat back and leany.
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    It's nice, but it doesn't look as "right" as a proper JT. And he wasn't given the last of the curved tubes..............................
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    Hi Gents, that's my bike in the link. I am not the original owner of the bike so I'm working on second hand information at best. It has only been built up for a week so it's very new to me. I've edited the statement about Colin receiving the "last" of the curved tubes as I don't know that to be true - all I know is he had some.

    In San Francisco, few people know of Jack Taylor Cycles (though some do since there was once a store which sold them). I only know one Curved Tube JT owner. I don't have any JT experts at my disposal so I'd love your knowledge and opinions. Have more information/links about Colin or Curved Tube Jack Taylors (including threads on here since I'm new here)?

    Despite the photograph the top tube is level so the angles may look a bit off in the pic. I'd take more pics but my camera is broken at the moment. I could probably drop a link off the chain and get the rear wheel all the way in but since I'm still dialing things in I'm not quite ready to do it yet.

    If it were yours to build how would you build it?

    Also, please don't take any serious offense at the bars... they're blasphemous but temporary.
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    Damn, now I'll have to clean up the drool..............
  • Alright gents, have a go at my other one...
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    Very nice. Obviously if anyone has a spare JT curved frame, I'll happily buy it from you....
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    Lovely frame but the wheels and the bars do it no justice.h
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    Good point, have it conviscated and I'll deal with it............
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    Got some Cinelli track bars (alloy ones, not steel) sitting in the garage (and the track stem as well, they might even still be together). Got a bit marked from a handlebar front lamp bracket but otherwise little used. If they could be any use send me a PM, I don't have a use for them (especially not with my arthritic back).
    Cheers Jo
    PS you need long thighs to do justice to a curved seat tube, the position usually ends up slopey and if you try to compensate with a short stem it just looks all wrong.
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    I'm not really a fan of the curved seat tube (aesthetically) but the blue one is a very nice looking bike!
    Just an aside - there are I think 2 SWB/curved seat tube tandems on th'bay at the moment (or were a couple of days ago).
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    Curved seat tubes were quite common on tandems with sporting pretensions in the 30's. The first one that I rode was an USWB Claud Butler which got my brother the nickname of "sniffer" for a while! Most USWB tandems suffered from a lousy stoker position which rather negates the advantages of shortening the bases in the first place.
    Cheers Jo