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Well I have decided to save up and wait for a 2008 model when they are discounted...

I will need until October at least until I can go spending 600 smackers...

The Allez sport looks nice, and the elite, but they will still be expensive...

as for the sora shifters how do you change gear, i am still confused :oops:

Oh and the Via Nirone Xenon looks nice...


oh well, at least by October I will have probably tried nearly all the road bikes in Suffolk!!!

hopefully then i will know what I want!!!

Thanks for the help so far!!



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    Grumpert wrote:
    as for the sora shifters how do you change gear, i am still confused :oops:

    To go up the cassette you push the brake leaver to the inside. To go down the cassette there is a small leaver on the inside of the brakehood which you work with your thumb. The small leaver it's reachable from the drops unless you have freakishly long thumbs.
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    Is the theory that of you are on the drops you would'nt need to select a lower gear v.often?
  • OCTOBER!!!!

    Might be lucky Many brands are SOLD out already. 2009 Starts NOW
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    I was in my LBS in Norwich on friday and overheard the negotiations going on for a brand new Trek. They were giving absolutely nothing away off the price on the basis that the 2009 model would be in soon at 2009 prices.

    Expect to see the extreme sized bikes in the sales but you might get lucky. I can't see much of a discount on entry level bikes as demand is strong, but you might get a £800 bike for £600 if you are flexible on what make you have.
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    My LBS is also offering no discounts on 2008 bikes - they're expecting the 2009 bikes to be dearer or lower-specced than the 08 models plus they are having trouble getting 08 models in some sizes as they are already sold out.

    Unless you are very short/tall and can get ride and uncommon sized frame I wouldn't expect massive savings later this year
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    Yeah, cyclescheme is a good way of buying your bike. I'm waiting for the voucher for my Spesh Tricross to arrive so I can go and collect it.

    Note that you are even more unlikely to get a discount on a bike if you do use Cyclescheme, as the bike shop gets paid 10% less than the retail price (which is where Cyclescheme make their money).
    Actually, if you are not buying through a cycle-to-work scheme, you should be able to ask for 10% off as that is what they will get otherwise.