Big G Sportive Report! Cycling meets sign stealing chavs!

gumball3000 Posts: 14
What a fantastic event.

Had a fantastic day out out and about around Beverley. Fantastic route, with two decent length options. Weather was changeable, but not massively bad news. Good cross section of people and a fantastic collection of hills. For those of you that think the East Riding is flat, have a look at this one next year.

I had pre-ridden the route a couple of times, but the sign tamperers had been out the night before. The one area that I was uncertain of, there was no signage. By the time we had twigged it and got back to where we should be, we had added 9.5 miles. That said, they were quick to act once the missing signs were pointed out and they were replaced promptly.

I made it back to Beverley with an average speed of 17.56 mph. Unfortunately after 6 Hours and 16 minutes. 16 minutes too long for a Silver! With that average over the 100 I would have been looking at 5:41. Well inside the silver! :( These things happen I suppose! Maybe I should campaign for a Silver placing!

Serious thumbs up for Paul Kilvington and the Hull Thursday team of organisers. As good an event as I have ever done. And the Girls, and bloke, from Hull Uni Sports Dept giving the post ride massages were great too.

Anyone else make an appearance?


  • Did the 100km route, missed one turn, nearly missed a couple of others and spent a lot of time convinced I'd gone wrong somewhere.

    Other than that pretty good. Generally fast, quiet roads where you could see well in advance if anything was approaching, considerate motorists (!), good HQ with excellent steak pies, and friendly punters.

    Definitely one I'd do again.