crazyno post bump rule ?

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I was recently castigated by a Mod for bumping my For Sale advert to the top as it apparently transgressed rules.My post was removed which meant that I had to spend some time rewording my advert, taking pictures,hosting them etc etc

It seemed to me by far the best way of ensuring that a live advert stays near the top of the thread . It is the way almost all other forums operate their classified forums in order to avoid members posting lots of copy threads which end up cluttering up the forums.

Here is a case in point ... t=12580072

This multiple posting ensures your advert stays current ie at the top of the thread , but leaves redundant posts further back in the forum. This duplication of posts makes searching and moderating the forum much harder than it needs to be surely ? :roll:


  • whyamihere
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    We don't allow duplication either, but we just don't have the manpower to ensure that none of the topics are duplicates. You can help by reporting any duplicates which you notice.
  • peanut
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    well how do members make sure that their sale items are still visible ie on the first or second pages ?
    If a post has no interest for 3-4 days it can move 5-6 pages back after a week it is really difficult to wade through 8 pages of items to find anything ?

    Wouldn't it be more effective to have a time limit on posts say 4 weeks
    if the item is unsold or the poster doesn't update the post by end of week 4 say then the post is automatically deleted .

    That will keep the forum
    1. up to date,
    2. less cluttered with redundant posts
    3.and put onus on posters to update their adverts :wink: